It’s Time for Something New at fabulous

After many years of saying ‘no’ to watches, why have we suddenly started to stock them at fabulous? Owner Jo Stroud explains.

Why introduce watches now, after 6 years?

It’s mainly due to customer demand. We have been asked consistently over the years whether we plan to introduce watches, and now feels like it’s the right time to do so. We are always looking for new brands and designers that we think will truly excite our customers, and currently, much that is new and exciting is in the world of watches. We already stock Pandora watches in our Bath store, so it seemed like a natural extension.

Why Bering?

The Managing Director of Bering came to see us specifically, as he felt that fabulous would be the perfect place to stock this new Danish brand, which is both design- and technology-led. As soon as we saw the watches, we agreed! They certainly fit in with our ethos to add a little bit of glamour to your life every day.

What makes Bering watches so special?

The combination of the elegance and simplicity of Danish design, with the advanced use of materials like ceramic, meant this brand had instant appeal to us. The watches are beautiful to look at especially as some are set with Swarovski crystals; but more importantly, the brand has credibility and technical excellence. Ceramic is highly scratch-resistant and extremely durable, only a diamond exceeding its hardness, and the watch faces are made out of Sapphire Crystal which is scratch resistant and very durable. These materials have been incorporated into designs that are so slim and beautiful, that you really are combining toughness with beauty.

What is Bering’s story?

The brand is named after Vitus Bering who was a Danish sailor and is noted for being the first European to discover Alaska and its Aleutian Islands in 1728. The Bering Straits, the Bering Sea, Bering Island, Bering Glacier and the Bering Land Bridge all bear the explorer’s name. In fact the time zone for this area is even called Bering Time! A map of the area is on the reverse of the watch face on all but two Bering watches. The brand’s link to such a historic story of discovery echoes its innovative and unique design and manufacturing techniques; the perfect combination of extraordinarily hard materials and an extremely flat design, evoking a sense of the Arctic!

Can you tell us more about the charity watch in the collection?

Proving the brand has style and substance, there is one watch design which is limited edition and 10% of its sales goes to support the protection of polar bears in the Arctic. It is a fabulous white ceramic watch with gold edges, and is really stunning. It retails at £169.00.

Does fabulous plan to introduce any other watch brands?

In the New Year, we are thrilled to be introducing Thomas Sabo watches, which are super stylish and will complete our already extensive range of Thomas Sabo charms and jewellery. Plus, we are carefully considering a shortlist of exciting British and international brands that we may stock in 2012 – so watch this space for more news as the months go on!

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The Bering collection of watches consists of both men’s and women’s styles, with prices starting at £99. You can shop Bering online or pop into our Leamington or Solihull stores.

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