Fabulous Proposals!

Need some inspiration for creating your special moment? You’ve come to the right place!

Top Ten Ways to Propose:

Proposing with an artistic touch

Proposing with an artistic touch

1) Proposing at the spot where you had your first date. What could be more romantic than reminiscing about your first date or first kiss and then dropping to one knee and popping the question?

2) With an artistic touch. If you’re artistically inclined you could integrate something you’ve made into your proposal. For example, if you have woodworking skills, present the ring in a special hand-carved jewellery box that she can cherish forever!

Proposing at sunrise - so romantic!

Proposing at sunrise - so romantic!

3) With a sunset or sunrise. Take a long stroll along a beach at sunset or climb a hilltop to see the sunrise. In a beautiful setting with the just the two of you it will make her feel extra special!

4) With a song. Whether it’s a cheesy karaoke track, or – if you’re musically talented – a song written yourself, no girl can resist a man behind a guitar (or microphone for that matter)!

5) On a Romantic Getaway. Whisk that special someone away for a surprise visit to somewhere she’s always wanted to go. Then as an extra surprise, propose!

The 'cheesy' comic proposal!

The 'cheesy' comic proposal!

6) With Laughter. We once heard a story in which a man’s girlfriend commented that she would love a cheesy marriage proposal. Her boyfriend asked her to marry him in the cheese aisle of their local supermarket… What better way to start than your lives together than with laughter?

7) In Writing. Write “Will You Marry Me” in the snow, or sand. If you have a bigger budget you could even get a plane to carry a banner with the proposal!

Propose in Writing

Propose in Writing

8) Above the Clouds. How better to propose to the one that you love than drifting across the horizon, enjoying the beautiful scenery? Present your girlfriend with her engagement ring while you are hundreds of feet above ground… she’ll love it!

Keep it classic for an unforgettable proposal

Keep it classic for an unforgettable proposal

9) When Visiting a Famous Landmark. Mark your special day by visiting a famous place. Romantic proposals have been carried out on the Eiffel Tower, London Eye and even Stonehenge!

10) At the Perfect Time.Tell your girlfriend you want to make a time capsule together to bury and dig up years into the future. As you’re collecting the items, say it wouldn’t be complete without a picture of the moment you two got engaged! Have a Polaroid camera ready to take a photo right after you give her the ring.

However you plan on proposing, you will want to make it as romantic and memorable as possible! You also need to ensure that you have the perfect engagement ring for your partner. Here at fabulous we have a beautiful collection of engagement and wedding rings to get you inspired. But if you find the idea of proposing with the actual engagement ring daunting, as you are not sure of what style to choose, or you think she would like to be involved in the decision, why not propose with a token ring to show your intention? This shows her you’ve planned the proposal, but that you want her to be involved in choosing the ring and also gives you the chance to create something bespoke together, if you prefer! See our “Marry Me” engagement ring at fabulous!

Popping the question to your boyfriend: Proposing the unconventional way.

Traditionally it’s the man’s job to ask for a woman’s hand in marriage. But if you already know that your relationship is not traditional, or that he’s too nervous to do it himself, here are our fabulous tips to help you to ask HIM!

Tip 1: Think about how he feels

  • Do propose if you think he will be impressed by your grand gesture.
  • Do create a proposal tailored to his personality rather than yours.
  • Don’t be surprised if he is a little taken aback at first or feels you may have stolen his thunder.

Tip 2: Decide on a Symbol

You could ask him to marry you and then suggest that you pick engagement rings together. Or you could buy matching engagement rings to symbolize your engagement. Visit our online wedding boutique, fabulous Forever for ideas! Or you could even forget the traditional ring and instead buy a special gift that you know he’ll love.

Tip 3: Make a Plan

Every good proposal requires advance planning! Remember that this proposal is now about him, not you. While you may have imagined a horse-drawn carriage at the age of 5, he is less likely to share this dream.

Tip 4: Asking the Question!

Tell him why you want to marry him. Blurting out a hurried “Willyoumarryme” will ruin the significance of the moment. You may also want to address why you’re asking him instead of the other way around. “We’ve always had a non-traditional relationship, and I thought this was the best way to enter into marriage,” And no, “I never thought you’d get around to doing this, so I took matters into my own hands” is probably not the right thing to say and may spoil that romantic gesture!

Did you know?

  • 15 percent of proposals occur in December.
  • The engagement ring was introduced by the Romans, following their conversion to Christianity. It is worn on the third finger of the left hand, due to the Greek belief that this particular finger was connected to the heart.
  • Chivalrous gentlemen sent a pair of gloves to their true loves. If the woman wore the gloves to church on Sunday, it signalled her acceptance of his proposal.
  • The term “spooning” was coined by lovesick men of Wales. A suitor carved a spoon of wood and presented it to his beloved. If she wore it around her neck on a ribbon, she returned his love and they were engaged.

Fabulous Proposals! We asked some of you to share your romantic engagement stories:

We went scuba diving on holiday in Rhodes the day after my birthday. We stopped on a sandy bottom to watch stingrays and the ring was put on my finger – Julie Longyear

He had a t-shirt made for my 2-year-old son saying, “will you…” (On the front) “…Marry my daddy?” (On the back) – Rachel

He came back from Afghan and took me out for the day in London. We saw Lion King the Musical and had a three-course meal. Then he popped the question when we reached the top of the London Eye – Colette

We got engaged on the top of Mount Etna in Sicily. We went up a big rock and I came down with the little one! – Nina Buchanan

Instead of waiting for him to ask me, I asked him. I went and picked his ring, booked a meal and hotel and proposed after dinner in front of everyone. I just asked him and he said Yes! – Hannah

He brought me a box of my favourite chocolates and when I opened them he had pushed my ring into a chocolate and then he asked me – Laura Tock

As a joke he said – “I don’t know if I want you to be my girlfriend anymore, how about being my fiancé instead?” – Tommy

He gave me a fiancé birthday card in the pub – Sarah

He took me to New York City and proposed at 6pm on a horse and carriage ride around Central Park – Laura.

In Vegas after a show and dinner (next to a Twizle machine) – Kirsty!

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