Look Forward to Next Summer Already!

Following her visit to International Jewellery London 2011 yesterday, Zoe from the Solihull store discovers the Next Big Thing

Yesterday was my first ever visit to a jewellery trade fair and I was overwhelmed by the varying designers and styles that were represented there. It was a great opportunity to view next season’s collections – and definitely had me wishing we were back in May, about to embark on Summer rather than battling the rain and wind at the beginning of September!

What really stood out to me as a key jewellery trend for Spring/Summer 2012 was 3D pendants, especially in spherical orb style shapes. They appeared in all different shapes and sizes – from statement and bulky to delicate and miniature. I was particularly intrigued by Sphere of Life Jewellery, whose pendants came in a mix of Sterling Silver and 18-carat yellow Gold plated Silver – another big trend that will stay with us across seasons – and depict all sorts of different meanings and symbols. The designs include “Lovebirds”, which incorporates a cage effect orb with two birds perched inside, and “My Missing Piece” – a sphere with a jigsaw pattern engraved on it. Also, one pendant called “Curly” has a swirly pattern – my personal favourite as I have curly hair! Sphere of Love has been created as the perfect gift: the packaging has been very well thought out and each piece comes with a meaning card. It was all so lovely I’m not sure I could wait to be bought one as a gift!

As I mentioned, the mix of Silver and yellow Gold is retaining its appeal for the foreseeable future, but what I did notice as a popular new style was the use of matte/brushed Silver as well as oxidised Silver, which has a dark grey or pewter kind of colour. At Alexis Dove, I learnt how they were using Ruthenium as a vermeil plating on Sterling Silver, to create a gothic yet classic look for their delicate flower designs. Overall I really like the mix of the metals, because not only does it add a very modern and stylish edge to a lot of pieces, while the price of Gold is so high, the mix makes such luxe looking items affordable.

The one other theme I saw popping up was stacking rings incorporating brightly coloured semi-precious stones. Much like Missoma‘s new collection, the use of faceted stones in yellow Gold plated settings looks amazing and were in evidence at Spinning – who introduced their new Birthstone rings – and also Lola Rose, and it seems the bigger the better was the mantra of designers for next season. The chunkier and more sculptural the pieces, the more beautiful they look – especially when you wear multiples at once!

Finally, the piece that really stood out to me was the Story bracelet. As I am infamous at fabulous for much preferring to wear yellow Gold coloured jewellery rather than Silver, I was thrilled to see the wide choice of 18-carat Gold plated charms available to fit onto these super stylish Leather wrap bracelets! Most of the charms are the hanging style, but some are flat and look like beautiful cocktail ring stones! As with all charm bracelets, the overall look created is totally personal, but I would definitely make mine a vision of sparkle! What’s more – we may be stocking Story in the very near future, and I can’t wait to get my hands on a bracelet of my own!

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