Get to know Pandora’s fabulous Watch collection…

Pandora launched their very own line of watches last year, called Black Crown Diamond, and as the range grows it gets more and more fabulous!

They chose this name because of the beautiful black rose cut Diamond in the crown of the watch. Many of the watches are also enriched with a large selection of high quality Diamonds. To ensure these watches have a long product lifetime, one of the hardest minerals on earth is used to create a scratch resistant surface; Sapphire Crystal.

All the watches are hand-crafted and Swiss made. Pandora work with a Swiss company named Ronda (who make TAG watches) and who create the Quartz movements.

Swiss Law states that a watch can only be considered Swiss if the movements are made, cased up, and have undergone a final inspection in Switzerland.

There are three different categories of Pandora watches: Classic, Contemporary and Fashion, all of which compliment the elegant jewellery.

And why not match the watches with your favourite jewellery?!

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