A Visit From ChloBo!

Georgie from fabulous Solihull gets a sneak preview of the new ChloBo collection and learns more about the inspiration behind Chloe Moss’s jewellery designs

Oistins Beach
Jo and Karen (from the Flesh & Blood Group that brought ChloBo to our doors) came to visit this week and treated us to tales of the ChloBo jewellery designs – as well as bringing us a sneak peak of the newest additions!

They had many exciting stories to tell us about Chloe Moss’s inspiration for her collection. We learned that the classic Oistins Pearl collection was inspired by the Oistins Beaches in Barbados, whilst the summery Ju Ju collection is named after a beach bar in Barbados, a popular hang out for Rhianna! It was also great to hear about how popular ChloBo is becoming and how many different celebrities love ChloBo jewellery!

We heard the stories behind each of the pendants and charms – which I can’t wait to share with customers – most of which are handmade in Bali.

My favourite story was about the ‘Dreamball’ – one of the ChloBo signature charms. Jo had the pleasure of visiting the workshop where these were made. A gentleman working there showed her how the ball was made in two halves and a tiny bell was trapped between them. He then attached all the Silver studs to the outside of the ball – he told Jo that when you buy a ‘Dreamball’ you have to make a wish, shake it and wait for it to come true.

Then, we were treated to a preview of the new collection – ChloBo rings. Available in Turquoise (bold and bright for summer), Pearl (a classic and always popular at fabulous) or simply Silver (to match your bracelet collection), each has a signature ChloBo charm hanging from it. I think these will look great on stacked up on fingers and toes… they will be hitting stores and arriving online this August!

Oh, and for Christmas, think rich red wine and a whole lot of sparkle!

– Georgie, Solihull

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