Designer fashion on a budget? We’ve got you covered!

Many of us have been feeling the pinch recently, and the little luxuries we treat ourselves to are often the first thing to go. But the good news is that staying on trend with the latest designer jewellery doesn’t mean breaking the bank!

At fabulous, our aim is to help you add a little glamour to your life, every day. We know that times are hard, so this year we’ve been searching for the best in affordable luxury that the designer jewellery world has to offer. Here we’ve collected some of our favourite pieces from the collections stocked at fabulous that come in at under £25, to help you treat yourself even if you’re on a budget this summer!

Big Baby - Designer Fashion on a Budget!

Big Baby - Designer Fashion on a Budget!

First up is the wonderful Big Baby, a recent addition to fabulous. Big Baby’s fun and wearable jewellery is created using high-quality Acrylic, for something a bit different. The bold designs are right on-trend this summer, and each piece comes in a range of muted colours, making them very versatile. Every piece in our collection costs under £25, so everyone can treat themselves to a bit of glamour. It’s selling out fast though, so get in quick if Big Baby is your thing!

Antica Murrina Glace Necklaces, a very affordable £17 each

Antica Murrina Glace Necklaces, a very affordable £17 each

These gorgeous Glace Necklaces from Antica Murrina Venezia are another firm favourite here at fabulous. They come in a range of colours, and are so versatile you can wear them with almost anything (you’ll often see us wearing these!) The pendants are handmade in Italy using Murano Glass, world-renowned for its quality. The Glass is tinted in different shades and simply hung from a matching cord, for easy, wearable glamour that will never go out of fashion.

Adorn your wrist with an Azuni Beaded Nugget bracelet, at just £20!

Adorn your wrist with a Beaded Nugget bracelet from Azuni, at just £20!

Last but not least is another favourite of ours – these Beaded Nugget bracelets from Azuni at only £20 each!  They’re delightfully delicate, look great layered up with other bracelets, and are just so unusual – we can’t get enough of them! Each bracelet is made using 18ct Gold-plated nuggets, interspersed with smooth semi-precious beads in a range of colours. If you’re looking for a bracelet you can wear again and again, or if you’re looking for an affordable yet glamorous gift, Azuni’s fabulous bracelets are just perfect.

These are just a few of our favourite fabulous pieces that come in at under £25. You might also like to check out our collection of Sterling Silver Spinning Earrings, a steal at £20, or choose yourself a Colour Code Bracelet from Swatch at just £17. The possibilities are endless!

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