How to spot a genuine Thomas Sabo retailer online

One of the difficulties of shopping online is telling the genuine, official retailers of particular designers apart from websites selling fake jewellery under the designer’s name. But some quick checks can let you shop in confidence!

Thomas Sabo charm and jewellery - spotting the genuine stockists

Thomas Sabo charm and jewellery – spotting the genuine stockists can be tricky!

Spotting official stockists can be especially difficult when shopping for well-known, popular brands like Thomas Sabo and Pandora. For huge brand names like these, there will always be companies offering similar pieces in the same style, but the real problem arises when these companies deliberately give the impression that they’re selling genuine Thomas Sabo or Pandora products, when they’re not. The most problematic websites are the ones which use Thomas Sabo’s logos, pictures, jewellery descriptions and recommended retail prices (all without permission), but which aren’t selling genuine Thomas Sabo jewellery. These websites give the false impression of selling official merchandise, and what you receive when you place an order might not look much like the jewellery in the picture you saw on the website.

Thomas Sabo fans understandably want the real thing. When buying genuine Thomas Sabo, you can be assured that you’re getting good quality jewellery and charms made using Sterling Silver, and you know that you’ll receive a good level of customer service following your purchase. But when searching for ‘Thomas Sabo’ on Google or other search engines, some of the websites which show up in results are not what they seem.

So as customers wanting to shop online for Thomas Sabo, what can we do? When you know what to look for, it’s easy to spot the websites selling fake Thomas Sabo (or Pandora), so we’ve put together this list of four checks you can use to ensure you always buy the best quality, official jewellery. We hope it helps!

1. Beware of websites offering discounts or cheaper items

Official Thomas Sabo retailers usually sell Thomas Sabo jewellery and charms at the same recommended retail price, without discounts. Not only does this mean that you’ll get the same great price wherever you shop, it also means that if a website is offering Thomas Sabo jewellery at discounted prices, they may not be official Sabo products.

2. Check the website’s web address

This one’s a bit technical, but it’s a great, quick way of checking the authenticity of a website claiming to sell Thomas Sabo. Official online stockists have all agreed with Thomas Sabo not to use the designer’s name in the main part of their web address. That means they won’t ever use the designer’s name between the ‘www’ and the ‘.com’ or ‘’ part of their web address. The only valid exception to the rule is Thomas Sabo’s own, official website. Some examples may help here.

3. Look for disclaimers

In my own experience, some of the websites which sell fake Thomas Sabo jewellery often have a sentence or two somewhere in their small print which states that their products are not genuine. Look for links to pages like ‘Disclaimers’, ‘FAQs’, ‘About Us’, or ‘Terms and Conditions’, and look out for anything suspicious!

4. If in doubt, ask Thomas Sabo!

If you ever aren’t sure that a website you’re looking at is selling genuine Thomas Sabo products, the absolute safest thing to do is ask Thomas Sabo themselves, using the contact pages on their official website:

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I hope this guide has been useful, and helps you shop online with confidence! And of course, you can always buy official Thomas Sabo charms and jewellery at Fabulous!

95 thoughts on “How to spot a genuine Thomas Sabo retailer online

  1. These informations are really needfull. On eBay, we meet more fakes than real Thomas Sabo juwels. Sometimes, the sold article is really a good copy. My way of checking, in case of doublt, is to test the material, like jewellers are doing. I have already got a really beautiful pendant,s. But, when I saw the result of Ag test, I understand that, in fact, it is a fake., in spite of the “sterling silver” announced.

  2. – this is fake web site as well selling pandora, thomas sabo, tiffney and many many other brand names, please dont fall for the same scam I did. I’ve started a paypal dispute and hopefully will get my money back in full. They arrive in what looks like geniune boxes as well.

  3. I read this too late and bought£117 worth of jewellery which I dont think I am going to get!!! from Cant get hold of the company now and my bank statement shows shanghai transaction which alerted me to the fraud. Just in process of dealing with it !!

  4. Hi Jess,

    This site has been mentioned a few times on our fabulous blog, no on-line retailer can deviate from the set Thomas Sabo retail price and anything that is below is usually not a genuine Thomas Sabo retailer. Our Thomas Sabo Charms are 100% genuine as is all of our jewellery and f you like us on Facebook Jess, you will also receive a free gift.

    If you’d like to view our fabulous collection, please be our guest

  5. many thanks for the info very helpful and confirmed my doubts about some sites not just their much lower prices but also their very poor grammer was a red flag,thanks again for saving me many pounds and no doubt much hassle

  6. I stupidly bought some charms from this website and just found out there from China so guessing fake!! I tried emailing them no reply went onto this live chat and asked them outright I want a refund to no avail. Not sure where I stand now as I used debit card not paypal. Any help would be appreciated

    • Hi Dan,

      I’m sorry to hear what has happened, there are so many websites posing as genuine retailers of Thomas Sabo. If you can contact your bank to see what they advise, you may be able to send them back depending on their policy and it would be worth looking through their returns policy online.

      Please do let us know how you get on Dan

    • Hi Susannah,

      We agree, there seems to be a lot of fake sites about, they seem to stay online for a short while and then shut down. We hope our steps above help you in the future, price is a big clue we find, as if it is not correctly priced at the Thomas Sabo RRP price then it will not be a genuine retailer.

  7. Hi
    I found the above comments useful as I have just been informed that my purchase of 2 (reduced price) charms via a ‘Main Website Store’ (delivered with a Hong Kong postmark!) was a big mistake. The items were received but were bigger than expected and don’t match charms already on my granddaughter’s bracelet. However, I took them into a Thomas Sabo ‘franchise’ and they looked at them with an eye glass and assured me they bore the Thomas Sabo name and were the real thing – so even UK sales staff are unaware of the potential for fraud. I spoke to a Thomas Sabo salesperson by phone today and she said the square box the charms were packed in was a give-away as you only use round boxes.

    I am corresponding with the suppliers in Hong Kong but already feel I’m not going to get very far with them. I’ll try Paypal and my bank to see if they can help.

    I was naive, but won’t be so easy to defraud in the future. Thanks again for the information.

    Mgt B

  8. Hi could ypu please help ?
    do you know if the following website is real or a fake as i have ordered items from them 12 days ago and have emailed the 3 times now and have heard nothing
    no money has been taken from my account as yet but from doing me reaserch i am now getting very concerned and what to know what is going on.
    thank you

    • Hi Michelle, this website has been mentioned to us on numerous occasions as being a fake site as people that had purchased through the site hadn’t received their jewellery. It might be worth contacting your bank Michelle or is there a contact number on their website you can call?

      • Thank You for you response, i have searched them website letter by letter and come to found nothing, no address and no phone number just a google email address, i have sent 4 emails now and i have had no response and iam checking my bank account daily now and no money has come out as yet, so i think i will contact the bank and let them know and also cancell my account as its not one i use regulary, i have no money going in to it , its just a holiday and christmas account thankfully.
        thank You for your help.

    • Recently I ordered some products from I’m sure is fake. I ordered and did not receive my order despite my various chasers. And it direct me to a 3rd party website for payment.
      I should have know, there is no phone number, site address or any form of info on the actual location of this scam company. Good thing I managed to stop the payment through the credit card company.
      Know what? The scam company got the cheek to ask me not to stop the payment, they apologised for the delay and promised to arrange delivery. They did not responsd to my various “chaser” emails and now they can write to me! Off course I ignored their request.

  9. Hello I placed an order through the Thomas Sabo Main Website Store January 2012 .. Email: Ongoing emails and various excuses including a non existent tracking number – I now accept I have been scammed.
    A lesson well learned … Be aware of this fraudulent site selling Thomas Sabo items out of Hong Kong

    • My daughter loves Thomas Sabo, as a careful shopper regarding prices I have hunted the internet and found what seems like cheaper items, and I have come to the conclusion that using a Sabo stockist the only way. We were looking at the Peace bus variations not only do they look similar but you will find that they are not the same size. E Bay is a minefield of fakes, and to my annoyance there are people on E bay selling Sabo gift boxes and Bags, making it even easier for us to be fooled.Stick to Stockists and you won’t be disappointed.I have yet to buy, but will be nearer to christmas, and for sure it will not be fake.

  10. —-FAKE–FAKE—FAKE!!!!!

    Please don’t buy from this site…Yes… I feel really silly…but anyone reading this, please learn from my stupid mistake. I did get the jewelry delivered but I was far from happy with it… it looked nothing like it should have. The site was very convincing but in the end I went and bought the real thing as I bought a charm for my daughter’s 18th Birthday and I did want to give her something that looked like it was worth $2! So in the end I ended up spending more than I had originally intended. Don’t get caught out PLEASE. These guys are scum:(

    • Yes it’s fake. Any site that you find that has cheap prices is fake. The only web site you should go on is
      All the rest are fake and you certainly get what you pay for.. and that’s crap. Honestly the quality is very bad and even though he prices are cheap you’ll probably still feel ripped off. And in addition to bad quality the fake website we bought from over-charge our credit card.

  11. Another one on the list:

    Luckily my credit card company called 2 min after placing the order to see if it really was a transaction I made (as it was a charge from China!!!!!!!!) and I could cancel the whole thing!!!!!!!! They even charged a different amount, 10$ more than the final amount of the order although they said free shipping etc.!?

    I’m gonna check my card daily now………

    Too bad I didn’t read this information before!
    As somebody already said, it was too good to be true!!!!!!!!!!
    Lesson learned!

      • It’s definately not legit Brooke! Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!!! I contacted them before they sent my items out through their website and they claimed that their items were genuine and real sterling silver. When I got the items it was immediately obvious that they were cheap crappy knock offs!! I had to negotiate to get a partial refund (I managed to get $100 back from $129 ordered) as they refused to pay for the postage for me to return the items and said they wouldn’t give the refund until the items got there… Sounds like a big scam to me!!

        Don’t take no for an answer, demand a refund ASAP and cancel your order. Don’t believe what they say and if they start playing games tell them you will lodge a dispute with PayPal (if you paid that way)

        Best of luck!!

  12. I received a Thomas Sabo neck chain and glitter letter ‘N’ for my daughter. It came in a square box which has Thomas Sabo Charm Club on the top lid. The chain I believe is called a Snake Chain, it doesnt have the Thomas Sabo signature anywhere on the chain. Also the letter ‘N’ has 6 cubic zirconias on the straight side of the letter and 7 on the diagonal side & has what looks like a Thomas Sabo signature on the back. On the genuine thomas sabo website I notice there is a different no. of zirconias on the letter and they dont have the snake chain advertised on their website. Is the item I received a genuine Thomas Sabo chain & glitter letter?

    • Hi, I know this is an old thread, but Acotis are listed as Official Thomas Sabo stockists on the Thomas Sabo website and the charms I’ve received from them seem to be genuine – should I be concerned that they are not?

      • Hi there, Acotis are a genuine stockist of Thomas Sabo so I wouldn’t be concerned about the jewellery you have ordered from them. They adhere to the RRP and they don’t use Thomas Sabo in their main web address. Enjoy your jewellery, fab HQ x

    • Hi Jimmy, genuine Thomas Sabo retailers aren’t allowed to discount the products. This site doesn’t look like a genuine retailer to us, as there’s no authentication anywhere, and as I say heavily discounted products aren’t allowed from a genuine retailer. I would approach this site with caution, as what you receive might not be the real deal. Hope this helps and thanks for your comment and flagging this store.

  13. Sooo glad I found this before I bought anything from anywhere, I will stick with the shops that are genuine stockists from here on in. Thanks for the info on how to spot the fake sites, very helpful. Its good to know the price is what it is. not much point in shopping around, I will just save up for what I want.

    • Hi Katie,

      I’m afraid to us this looks a bit dodgy. Firstly the massive discount isn’t something Thomas Sabo allow and the use of their name in the web address is also something they don’t allow. I hope it does arrive for you, but it doesn’t look like a genuine site. The blog gives above should give you all of the advice you need to spot a genuine retailer. Good luck! You can order genuine Thomas Sabo from us, if it’s in stock on the website we’d be able to get it out to you for Christmas, happy shopping!

  14. Hi I have purchased Thomas sabo charms from a website called, I still haven’t received anything yet and it has been a week. Also I had a confirmation email from but I looked on google and saw lots of people saying it was a scam. What do you think?

    • Hi Chelsea, I’m so sorry to hear that, I’ve just looked up that website and it looks like it dissapeared. If you paid on a credit card you might be protected as it was fraudulent, worth looking into. For future reference anything with Thomas Sabo in the web address wont be a genuine retailer, the only genuine retailer with Thomas Sabo in the title is as that is the official Thomas Sabo site. We also sell fabulous Thomas Sabo jewellery that is the real deal!

  15. Hi there I’m looking to buy a Thomas sabo bracelet and wondered if you could tell if this website is legit or fake I’m not sure prob is as charms are very cheap many thanks

  16. Hi there I’m looking to buy a Thomas sabo bracelet and wondered if you could tell if this website is legit or fake I’m not sure prob is as charms are very cheap many thanks

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    That is a very well written article. I’ll make sure to bookmark it and return to read extra of your helpful information. Thank you for the post. I’ll certainly return.

  18. Hi this is somewhat of off topic but I was wanting to know if blogs use WYSIWYG editors or if you have to manually code with HTML.

    I’m starting a blog soon but have no coding experience so I wanted to get advice from someone with experience. Any help would be enormously appreciated!

  19. We have just been caught out it seems. We ordered a pandora ring from on 31 January 2014. We have been emailing someone called Jessica Ma in China who is/are trading under this name. We have not received the item and we have not been able to track it even though we were told it was despatched, arrived in Heathrow on 4 March. It is still at Heathrow! We have again tried to contact them and asked for a refund. Pity we cannot locate these fraudsters.

    • Sorry to hear that Pat. We are genuine stockists of Pandora, if you see them cheaper anywhere else it is very very unlikely they will be genuine charms. Feel free to give us a call on our Pandora hotline 0845 450 9334 if you see another website and would like us to let you know if we think it is genuine.

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