It’s all about Friendship Bracelets this season!

The Friendship Bracelet gets a new lease of life this season, as designers present their fresh takes on this traditional gift with a sentimental twist.

Designer Friendship Bracelets from Azuni, perfect for gifts

Designer Friendship Bracelets from Azuni, from £79

Friendship Bracelets are taking the fashion world by storm this Spring,  and about time too! I still remember the fun I had making my own friendship bracelets for my friends and family when I was younger… being homemade they never lasted very long, but it always put a smile on someone’s face to receive a gift that is traditionally symbolic of friendship.

While friendship bracelets are traditionally handmade, it’s fantastic to see the trend for friendship-style bracelets spreading to the world of designer jewellery! The custom for the receiver of a friendship bracelet is to wear it constantly until the knots wear through – to remove it before then is supposed to be a sign that the friendship is over. But it’s not always practical to wear a bracelet all the time, especially as it starts to wear out! The trend for designer friendship bracelets means you can give something a gift with the same symbolic meaning, which they can treasure forever.

At fabulous we’re delighted to be stocking the brand new designer friendship bracelets from one of our favourite, established designers, Azuni. Azuni have updated the traditional friendship bracelet by inscribing special messages onto Sterling Silver and 18ct Gold Vermeil plates, elegantly hung from Silk cord in three gorgeous colours.

Shop Azuni’s new Friendship Bracelets

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