New York Fashion Week – Keep on Trend!

Combining the latest fashions on the catwalk with the next big thing in jewellery can be a tricky prospect, so here are our suggestions on how to keep your wardrobe and accessories on trend this season

New York Fashion week is drawing to a close, and while some are calling this year’s themes ‘restrained’, we think there were some fabulous and highly wearable new trends on display.

Lace and Fur

Subtle opulence is big this season, with lavish black lace and foxy fur trims featuring all over the catwalk this week. Whether you’re already on the look out for a place to show off a new lace dress, or keen to get your hands on some colourful fur boots that you’ll wear day in day out, there’s a perfect piece of jewellery just waiting to complete your new look! Pearls are the perfect companion to lace and fur, continuing the theme of sophisticated luxury without drawing too much attention away from your killer outfit, letting those elaborate lace designs and bold fur patterns shine.

Lace and Fur at New York Fashion Week

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We carry a wide range of Pearl jewellery at fabulous. For every day wear, why not try a Freshwater Pearl charm bracelet from hot designer-of-the-minute Thomas Sabo, at a super affordable £24.95. For a little more luxury, Dower and Hall’s three-stranded Pearl bracelet is an absolute must-have (£175). Or treat yourself to a simple Pearl ring from Trollbeads (£74), beautiful in its simplicity.

Thomas Sabo Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

Thomas Sabo Freshwater Pearl Bracelet, £24.95

Dower & Hall Pearl Bracelet

Dower & Hall Pearl Bracelet, £175

Trollbeads Pearl Ring

Trollbeads Pearl Ring, £74

**Coming Soon!** We’ve chosen some stunning Pearl jewellery from Argent of London to add to our collections this season – we love the affordability of Argent’s pieces, and with Pearl bracelets starting at only £10 we think you’ll love them too! And just as exciting is the imminent arrival of a new selection of luxurious egg pendants from Alfaberge, many of which feature lace-like patterning, ideal for keeping on trend. They’ll be arriving soon, so be sure to keep an eye out over on our website.

New Argent of London and Alfaberge coming soon to Fabulous

New Argent of London and Alfaberge coming soon to fabulous


Leather is back with a vengeance this Spring, in all shapes and sizes! Leather has been making fashionable appearances for many a year, but this season starts to see the use of black Leather in every day, more casual looks. Leather is all about confidence and attitude, and with the ‘rebellion’ style also taking off in the accessories world, the timing couldn’t be better! Bold jewellery with striking shapes and bursts of colour are the key to accessorising black Leather and showing off your wild side!

Leather at New York Fashion Week

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Wrap bracelets are taking the world by storm at the moment, with celebrities from Megan Fox to Lady Gaga sporting Chan Luu’s famous leather bracelets. A Purple Jade Wrap Bracelet (116) with black Leather is the perfect way to add some glamourous colour to your Leather wardrobe this Spring. Or layer up your favourite jewellery charms from Thomas Sabo’s Rebel at Heart collection to add some of your personality to your accessorising.

Chan Luu Purple Jade Wrap Bracelet

Chan Luu Purple Jade Wrap Bracelet, £116

Angel Wing Jewellery Charm

Thomas Sabo Angel Wing Jewellery Charm, £154

Cowboy Boot Pendant

Thomas Sabo Cowboy Boot Pendant, £154

**Coming Soon!** Look out for more Chan Luu colours and designs arriving in March. We’re also very excited to announce some new collections coming to fabulous. With friendship-style bracelets popping up on fashionable arms everywhere we look, we couldn’t be more thrilled to start stocking Daisy’s Chakra bracelets Cheryl Cole loves them, and so do we! We’ll also be bringing you some contemporary new ID-style bracelets from ever popular Azuni… watch this space!

Daisy, new Chan Luu and new Azuni coming soon to fabulous

Daisy, new Chan Luu and new Azuni coming soon to fabulous

Block Colour and the 70s

Another huge trend this season takes the form of bright, block colours, and there’s no shortage of 70s shapes and cuts gracing the fashion world – a match made in heaven! Wide-legged and flared trousers, skirts flowing below the knee and bright jumpsuits are all set to take over our wardrobes in the coming weeks, all in a fabulous range of eye-catching colour! And what’s a girl to do but pair up a bright outfit with equally colourful accessories?!

Block Colour at New York Fashion Week

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Stacking monochrome bangles from Dyrberg/Kern is a great way to feature colour in your jewellery while staying contemporary. Or spoil yourself with one of Swatch’s fashionable Love Explosion rings (from £30) – a splash of colour for your fingers! Gold jewellery also works well with bright colours – the stunning Melted Beauty earrings (£53), also by Swatch, look great when combined with simple colour blocks.

Dyrberg/Kern Aberdare Bracelets

Dyrberg/Kern Aberdare Bracelets, £19

Love Explosion Rings from Swatch

Swatch Love Explosion Rings, from £30

Swatch Melted Beauty Earrings

Swatch Melted Beauty Earrings, £53

**Coming Soon!** If the block colour and 70s vogue is just what you’ve been waiting for, then you’ll love the new collections we’re bringing to fabulous! Right on trend are Jackie Brazil’s stunning resin pieces, practically bursting with colour and spirit. We also have some wonderfully versatile acrylic jewellery on its way to us from Big Baby, whose designs come in an affordable range of colours for every occasion. And on top of all that, Spring sees another of Cheryl Cole’s favourite designers heading our way. We can’t wait to welcome Lucas Jack to fabulous!

Lucas Jack, Big Baby and Jackie Brazil, coming soon to fabulous

Lucas Jack, Big Baby and Jackie Brazil, coming soon to fabulous

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