The Next Big Thing – NEC Spring Fair

We’ve asked our fabulous team members who attended the NEC Spring Fair in February to tell us all about the latest jewellery trends coming to fabulous – here’s Becky from our Bath store with her thoughts on the trip!

After a recent visit to the NEC Spring Fair I came away extremely excited about the next big thing in jewellery!

Everywhere I looked there seemed to be meaningful bracelets such as friendship bracelets and handmade Macramé bracelets of all colours and styles; it was quite overwhelming to see each different take on this theme.

Anahata Heart Chakra Bracelet

Anahata Heart Chakra Bracelet - coming soon to fabulous!

One Bracelet that really caught my eye was the Daisy Chakra Bracelet (coming soon to fabulous!). These come in various colours but I particularly loved the Anahata Heart Chakra Bracelet which has been seen on Celebrities such as Cheryl Cole and Rochelle Wiseman.

For those who are not familiar with Chakra this is what Hindus believe is the manifestation of spiritual energies on the physical level, the heart Chakra means “I am worthy of loving myself” which I believe is something everyone should be able to do, but everybody can find an energy to suit their own personality and feelings. They are such a personal bracelet and could mean so much more to somebody as a gift!

They will cost a mere £50 in Silver and £75 in Gold and both come in a range of seven different colours!

Also keep an eye out for the new Azuni friendship bracelets and the new Pandora Macramé bracelets which allow you to attach a clip and personalise them yourself! All coming soon to fabulous!

Becky, Fabulous Bath

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