Bored of Valentine’s Day?

We know that Valentine’s Day can be all a little overwhelming, so here’s some alternative celebrations from around the world!

Nomination CZ Heart Charm, £35

Nomination CZ Heart Charm, £35

In Wales, many people celebrate St Dwynwen’s Day, the patron saint of Welsh lovers, on January 25th.

In Norfolk, a character called Jack Valentine leaves sweets and presents for children at the back door of their houses.

In Finland and Estonia, Valentine’s Day is called Friend’s Day, and is about celebrating friendships, not just relationships.

Thomas Sabo Best Friend Charm, £24.95

Thomas Sabo Best Friend Charm, £24.95

In Latin America, it is also known as Día del Amor y la Amistad, or Day of Love and Friendship. In many South American countries, it is celebrated together with Amigo Secreto, where people are assigned a person to buy an anonymous gift for – a lot like Secret Santa!

In Slovenia, Valentine’s Day is celebrated as the beginning of Spring, when plants begin to grow and birds propose to each other!

In the Jewish faith, Tu B’Av, which usually takes place in late August, is the festival of love. Traditionally, girls would wear white dresses and dance in the vineyards whilst the boys waited for them. Now, it’s a popular day to pronounce love or propose to a partner.

Trollbeads White Flower Charm, £25

Trollbeads White Flower Charm, £25

In Denmark, it is traditional to send snowdrops to friends and lovers on Valentine’s Day.

In Japan, women buy men gifts of chocolate on February 14th. They have to wait until White Day on March 14th, when men return the favour by pampering their suitors with more expensive gifts. Gifts are given to all friends, family and colleagues, but only the most expensive chocolates are saved for a person’s closest friends.

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