Look fabulous this Winter!

Wondering what jewellery is on trend this winter? We’ve tracked down some of the latest fashion looks to help you stay stylish!

Brocade makes a hit with Vogue, adding some gilded oppulence to your winter wardrobe. Add a little luxury to your look with the intricate baroque patterning on Thomas Sabo‘s winter charms, or the sumptuous stylings or Argent of London‘s Fabergé inspired egg pendants.

Thomas Sabo Brocade CharmsArgent of London Faberge Egg Pendants

Image from Vogue.co.uk

Elle identifies a growing trend for prints and patterns heading into the new year, from designers such as Miu Miu and Dior. Embrace this playful look by combining with cute, girly designs from Sam Ubhi, or the colourful textured wrap bracelets from Chan Luu.

Chan Luu Wrap BraceletSam Ubhi Flying Bird Necklace

Prints and Patterns

Image from Elle.com

Glamour is seeing red this season, as scarlet hues hit the runways. Sparkling crystals stand out wonderfully against crimson tones – show off your passionate side with vintage designs from Paul Costelloe and shimmering Swarovski crystals.

Paul Costelloe

Swarovski Fizz Amethyst Ring

Seeing red

Image from Glamourmagazine.co.uk

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