Pandora Experts!

We returned from our Pandora Training Course today having learned all about the history of the company and the upcoming new collection, including new beads – so we are feeling like Pandora experts in the making!

Held in Birmingham, Pandora UK set up a training day for their retailers to give us a greater insight into the world of Pandora, and being one of our best selling brands here at fabulous, we were thrilled to be invited. Learning about Pandora really is fascinating, we’ve now seen how the different types of beads are made, and just how much work really does go into making just one murano glass bead. Pandora really do strive for perfection in their work, and it’s for this reason that we at fabulous, absolutely champion them.

We’ve taken away many gems of knowledge with us, and have even seen a sneak preview of the brand new beads, due to launch later this month. Check back soon for news on their arrival. Or, why not watch an exclusive video to see how the beads are made yourself!

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