New York and a new designer: Chan Luu

And my season of international jet-setting continues, as I step off the plane in Munich for one miserable cold night at home with a broken boiler and no heating or water, before heading down to Heathrow to jump on a plane to New York! Combining a long weekend with my husband, who is currently on business in the US, with a trip to see two exciting US jewellery collections seems like the perfect way to spend a weekend.

I have an amazing day cramming in visits to the two most impressive art galleries I’ve ever been to – the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art – neither of which I’ve visited since I was a student, before hitting Fifth Avenue for some retail therapy. 30 inches of snow and the worst winter in New York in 100 years do little to dampen my enthusiasm – although I do have to invest in  cheap pair of wellies! – although I can’t say the same for my husband, who loses any interest in shopping as soon as the slush underfoot reaches our knees.

The next day sees me visiting the Broadway showroom of Chan Luu, on of the new designers we are adding to our collection here at fabulous. Chan Luu is a Vietnamese American designer, whose stunning wrap bracelets are taking the US by storm, with celebrities from Rhianna to Lady Gaga wearing them. I fell in love with them instantly, buying myself a Turquoise and Brown Leather one there and then from the showroom! I spent a long time selecting the most exciting colours and stones, and placed a large order to arrive with us in late June – ready to launch at our Garden Parties.

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