Anoushka Launch and Spinnning Jewellery!

We were delighted this week to attend the launch of the brand new fine jewellery collection ANOUSHKA, by Anoushka Dukas, founder of Links of London, at Harrods this week. Coinciding with one of my frequent London buying trips, I was excited to see this fabulous new collection being launched in the revamped jewellery hall at Harrods.

Taking themes from some of the Links of London collections, but moving them on into a much more hand-crafted look, beautifully set with diamonds and gemstones, this is a fine jewellery collection designed to excite and inspire. We spent some time chatting to the lead designer, who talked us through the ‘Create your own ring’ concept, which is beautifully done if you have the money to spend on fine jewellery. For a less expensive way to create your very own ring, we love our hot new collection, Spinning Jewellery, which has become one of our best-selling ring collections already. We are one of the first UK stockists, and spotted its potential last year, before it even launched in the UK.

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